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Born in Barcelona, a city that flourished following a successful Olympics, I grew up in an artistic, cosmopolitan and international city. In me, you will find the beauty of the Mediterranean, the joy of Andalusia and the elegance of Gaelic people.


If we were to run into each other by chance, you might see me walking out of my dance studio in tight leggings with tousled hair, or sitting outside a café drawing in my notebook with my half-buttoned shirt and jeans, or reading a history novel on the beach while the drops of water slide down my body to my bikini, or having dinner with my friends wearing a dress that shows off my voluptuous curves.


In my free time, I like to watch the latest series lounging on the couch with my puppy, destroy my friends or family at chess, and read while taking a relaxing bath with salts and candles. My idea of sports is dancing – I find it very therapeutic and liberating. Beyond that, I keep a full schedule studying fine arts, marketing and languages. Who knows, maybe I have something to teach you too.


Being a collector of adventures and of life lessons, I have learned to stop and enjoy the present. Spending time by my side is to live passionately. I am affectionate, sensitive, positive, independent and open-minded. I have a very natural character that is compelled to be honest. My face is very sweet with a hint of mischief, and I have a smile that will brighten your days. I love to make others laugh; with my witty sense of humour, it will be very easy to lose our inhibitions.


I invite you to be part of my next adventure – let's escape from the routine and have a date without transcendental responsibilities. I want to wake up in paradise, swim naked in the sea, hug in the moments of intimacy, whisper naughty things to each other in the store while I show you the dress that I just tried on and watch a movie that we both know we won't finish.


In some way, I want to share a bit of my life with you, and I wish for you to share a small part of yours with me. We are only on this lonely blue planet for a few years. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find a partner to share some special moments together? Writing our story now depends on you…

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Age: 28 yo

Residence: Barcelona. Available for international travel

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English. My English is fluent enough to hold any kind of conversation

Style: Discreet, elegant, sensual and suggestive or casual and informal, I adapt my style to the situation

Make-up: Natural

Perfume: Narcotic Venus (Nasomatto), Étoile d’une nuit (Goutal), Poppy & Barley (Jo Malone), J’adore perfum (Dior)

Face: Pretty face with big black eyes, I’m the typical natural Spanish beauty

Height: 1’73m/5’8’’

Vital statistics: 95cm - 60cm - 100cm

Chest measurement: 34 DD

Sexual orientation: Bisexual


Playing sports: I like to surf and snorkel, taking walks and bike rides or even going fishing. I truly enjoy any activity that allows me to be in contact with nature.


Savouring gastronomy: I am a genuine lover of good food, I love eating varied and healthy to match my health-conscious lifestyle. I take pleasure in going to the beach for a picnic, eating a paella with beautiful views, going to the mountains and enjoying grilled meats in the fresh, cool air. Fish and seafood are one of my favorites, along with fresh salads and vegetables. Above all else, I love trying different cuisines from around the world. I believe every good meal has to end with a sweet flourish, the icing on the cake if you will. 


Making intimate plans: My favorite activity is travelling and learning about new places and cultures. I am flexible when it comes to traveling but a couple of my ideal activities are spa visits - I'm addicted to massages - and browsing traditional markets or high-rise shopping centers to find souvenirs to remember our trip forever. Most of all, I wish to be surprised, for us to take care of each other and find joy in the shared activities!



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Do you like what you see and want to meet me in EU? I can be your elegant business companion, your girlfriend on a leisure trip, or your friend with whom you can spend a very pleasant time with and forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

You’ll wish that time would stand still... 

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Up to 2 hours


It's our first date, so let's get to know each other! Let the conversation flow over drinks on a hotel terrace before getting down to business and consummating our brief yet passionate encounter. 

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I love to go out and to share an intimate meal, especially as a first encounter. The opportunity to get to know each other while exchanging flirtatious glances over good food is the perfect way to build up to our end of the evening together – dessert!


Up to 4 hours


or 6 hours


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Up to 14 hours €2,500

or up to 18 hours


Let’s enjoy all that an entire night has to offer. After a delicious meal that will fuel our private desires, time will feel like it stops as we seduce each other between kisses and caresses and allow ourselves to flow naturally. Do you enjoy breakfast in bed between conversation and laughter?

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Up to 24 hours €3,000

We are going to spend a day without commitments beyond enjoying each other’s company. We could take a walk through a special place, visit a museum, go to the movies or, if you dare, make a more adventurous, different plan. Let's live in this moment of seduction and tenderness. A gift only suitable for those who, like me, know how to enjoy the pleasures of life.

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Up to 48 hours €4,300

Let's get out of our routines and enjoy a unique weekend away together. We could go to a snow- kissed mountain where we can hug each other by the fireplace or escape to a coast where we can relax in the sun and feel the sea breeze on our faces. I would be more than happy for you to surprise me by showing me the best of your hometown. I love to dream, and I want to do it with you.

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Additional day


Add additional days to be able forget about time and live a wonderful story traveling and discovering the world.



Available for Fly Me To You. Within the European Union, the minimum FMTY time required for a trip is 14 hours. Travel expenses, such as accommodation, flight tickets, and taxis, will be borne separately by you and is not included in my rate. 

For trips outside the European Union, the minimum appointment will depend on the distance and flight hours. Please do not hesitate to contact me and send me your proposals. 

I wish for our meeting to be unique and unforgettable for both of us, so I ask that appointments be booked as far in advance as possible. 



Sometimes I decide to travel alone, and I miss having some company. If we are lucky enough to meet in the city of my destination, then you’re in luck! Please note that my rates for the following countries will apply: GBP for the United Kingdom, USD for the United States of America, CAD for Canada and AED for the United Arab Emirates.

Planning the next tour...


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GBP 800 / USD 1,400 / CAD 1,700 / AED 4,000

DINNER TOGETHER Up to 4 hours 

GBP 1,100 / USD2,300 / CAD 2,700 / AED 6,000

LONG DINNER Up to 6 hours 

GBP 1,400 / USD 3,300 / CAD 3,700 / AED 7500

A NIGHT TOGETHER Up to 12 hours

GBP 2,500 / USD 5,000 / CAD 6,500 / AED 10,000

BREAKFAST IN BED Up to 18 hours

GBP 2,700 / USD 6,000 / CAD 7,500 / AED 12,000

FULL DAY AFFAIR Up to 24 hours

GBP 3,000 / USD 7,000 / CAD 9,000 / AED 14,000


GBP 4,300 / USD 10,000 / CAD 13,000 / AED 22,000

Screening is mandatory for all new friends. I require:

  • Your real full name, age and city you live in;

  • Your contact phone number and email address; and

  • Either one of:

o Two or more references from other independent providers you’ve met in the last 12 months (include their name, email address, and website) 

o Your work verification, such as your LinkedIn profile o A photo of you holding your government issued ID


For my own safety and for peace of mind, I do not meet with anyone who does not fulfill my screening requirements. Please, once you have filled out the contact form, send an email to with the required documents. All information is handled with the maximum privacy. It will remain strictly confidential and discarded right after our date.

Read more about Privacy Policy, Anti-spam policy, privacy statement, and submissions

deposit and cancellation

I have no doubt that you are a true gentleman and this may come natural to you, but it is always good to remember that... Please have the balance of the total rate for our date ready in a discreet envelope at the start of our meeting. Traditional fund transfers must be made at least one week in advance and if this has not been completed prior to the start of our meeting, the balance must be then paid in cash.  My rates are non-negotiable, and should we encounter any issues relating to the payment of my rate at the commencement of our meeting, I will not hesitate to terminate our meeting immediately.  As I have said before, I am a healthy woman who prioritizes her safety. If I sense that you are suffering from any form of intoxication, are under the influence of alcohol or other substances, or are not behaving in a respectful manner towards me, I will terminate our meeting immediately without the possibility of a refund. We are all deserving of mutual respect so if you want the best version of myself with you, please be the best version of yourself with me.  I am a liberal and open-minded person, but I understand that you may have doubts about what I like to do and what I don't like to do in private. You are welcome to ask me about this in a respectful manner. I prefer to develop intimacy in a natural way, discovering how to give each other pleasure, constructing deep connections and understanding what we feel like at all times.  The power of empathy is a wonderful thing and without knowing each other it is difficult to feel each other out virtually. All dates must have an element of social time so that we can connect and build our relationship, especially if it is our first meeting.  My availability is limited but you are always welcome to enquire should you have a specific time in mind. If we have found a mutually agreeable time for a date, it will not be confirmed until I have received your screening details and your deposit.  My personal hygiene is, and always will be, immaculate. Even before presenting you with a morning kiss, I will have acquainted myself with mouthwash. I expect the same from you.  Overnight dates require at least seven hours of interrupted sleep as I’m sure you want me to be in a good mood when we wake. Similarly, food is crucial to my health so please consider planning our dining schedules at regular hours.  For every 24 hours, at least one hour of intimacy is necessary. I’m still a woman with needs after all!

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I'm always surprised but quietly excited when presented with gifts. They are never expected but if you are inspired to do so and may be wondering what I've been interested in lately, please feel free to browse my Wishlist here.

Gift cards can be sent to this email:

My theresa.jpg

Please know that this is not necessary to meet me. Mutual respect and understanding, along with screening, are the only requirements.

Thank you.

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