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Hi, I'm Lara a 28-years-old independent Spanish GFE. I love my hometown Barcelona and all that it has to offer, I'm a Mediterranean and cosmopolitan girl. I have a natural and bubbly character, always positive and ready to have new experiences and learn new things. I'm extroverted, kind and sharp, with an open, flexible and curious mind. My optimism and selfconfidence help me achieve what I set out to do. Elegant and fun in equal measure.

My face is sweet with a touch of nd naughty and I have a smile which will brighten up your day. Spending time by my side is living passionately: that's the word, I'm a very passionate and affectionate girl, I put enthusiasm and energy into everything I do.

My life as an escort is my naughty secret. A secret which I'd love to share with you, in intimacy, taking it slow and enjoying giving ourselves to each other. I like creating a trusting atmosphere in which we can get to know each other, relax and enjoy escaping from our daily routine, having an adventure full of pleasure and unforgettable experiences. I'd like to get to know you, I'd like you to teach and tell me about your outlook on life, your tastes, passions and opinions. I'd like us to share our experiences and desires, letting our senses flow. I suggest going for a wander while we chat, a romantic dinner with good wine, a weekend away together so we can let ourselves go, an encounter at a hotel where passion will take over our minds and our bodies, or if you prefer I can accompany you on a trip.

I love travelling! We'll have a great time together and have an experience all of our very own.



· Age: 28 yo

· Residence: Barcelona. Available for national and international travel.

· Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English.

  My English is fluent enough to hold any kind of conversation.

· Ocupattion: Sales agent and student

· Style Discreet. elegant, sensual and suggestive or casual and informal, I adapt my style to the situation.

· Make-up: Natural

· Perfume: Narcotic Venus (Nasomatto) Carnal flower (Frederic Malle)

· Face: Harmonious, friendly features, oval-shaped, full lips and large, expressive black eyes, with a well-proportioned nose.

· Height: 1’73m y 5’8’’

· Vital statistics: 95cm - 60cm - 100cm

· Chest measurement: DD-cup

· Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Interests / Hobbies / Sports

Sport: I'm very sporty and I like taking care of myself, I go to the gym and I like swimming, dancing and going running or cycling in beautiful places. I would like to spend more time diving, horse riding, surf and doing adventure sports.


Hobbies: I would love to do anything which allows us to get intimate and get to know each other better; go for a drink, try new restaurants, go shopping, go to a spa, give each other go for a massage , watch a film together, travel, visit museums (especially history and natural

science museums, they're my favourites), go-karting, theatre and exhibitions. I also enjoy meeting up with friends, reading books, watching series and learning languages. I like everything which is beautiful and pleasing to the eye; art, fashion and design.

Gastronomy: I'm a real foodie and I like eating varied and healthy food. I love trying new food from around the world. I like going to the beach and having a picnic or eating a paella while enjoying a beautiful view, going to the mountains and enjoying barbequed meat. I adore fish and seafood, the freshness of vegetables and salads. I believe that all good food needs to end with with something sweet and succulent, that's the cherry on top, it can't be missed.

I'm a girl with a healthy lifestyle,


Lingerie collector.




I don't know who you are yet, but when the moment comes to meet you it's going to be something special and unique


Making a connection with you is what I most desire during our encounter. What is your motivation for looking me up? Are you looking for an escape from your daily life? Do you yearn for intimacy with a beautiful woman? A date free from the responsibilities of a traditional date? An adventure in which to feel great passion? Or a sincere, discreet and affectionate friend? A confidant? A lover to take care of and to let take care of you? I'll be all that for you and

I'd like you to be all that for me.

I'll treat you with affection, politeness and respect and I expect the same from you. Only in that way will our relationship flow and be special and will our encounter stay forever in our memory. The feeling of protection when a man holds me in his arms and pampers me drives me crazy. I'll enjoy the scent of your perfume when we're together, when you're gone and it lingers on my sheets I'll recreate the moments of pleasure we've had.

Scent is very important to me! When I have a date I like to create an unforgettable moment. I prefer to take it slowly and naturally, with mutual understanding in order to discover each other. I would like you to feel comfortable with me and explain what it is that you like, and I'd like to be able to express myself in the same way so that we can both enjoy ourselves. We can have dates by the hour in apartments or hotels or if you prefer we can spend a weekend together or go on a trip.

I'm a girl who gives a lot of importance to her lovers, I like giving them exclusive treatment and having enough free time to be available and well-rested just for them, that's why I try not to have a too many encounters. I really appreciate dates being organized enough time in advance so as not to be in a hurry, that way I can always give the best of myself.

If you want to bring me a gift I'm sure that anything you decide to give me will make me feel special and surprise me. It's the thought that counts. I especially like feminine accessories, handbags, shoes, a bottle of my favourite perfume, lingerie, jewellery and cosmetics, etc.

I love enjoying a good dinner, and that among chatting, laughing and knowing looks comes the moment when we join together in a spiral of desire, pleasure and sensations.

If you wish to spend an entire night with me I would love us to be able to rest together amid so much passion. With a little bit of rest we'll be able to enjoy ourselves even more when we wake up together in the morning, it's very important for my well-being to be able to rest a little. If we spend a weekend together or go on a trip it would be great if we could both have a little while, an hour or so a day, to be on our own and do what we feel like: a bit of sport, some phone calls, a relaxing bath, reading, meditating or just going for a walk. Time stands still when you're with me and you'll feel as at ease as if I were your girlfriend.



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Selfies & Casual





Do you like what you see and want to meet up? I can become an elegant business companion, be your girlfriend on a leisure trip or a friend who you can have a nice time with and forget your hectic day-to-day life.

Hoping the time won't come to an end.

Intimate encounter

Let's enjoy an intimate moment, have some fun, relax and give ourselves a brief but passionate treat to sweeten up the day

2 hours €600 - additional hours €200/hour

Let's enjoy lunch or dinner together

I love going out and sharing an intimate lunch or dinner. We'll talk while exchanging looks, at the same time savouring some exquisite food, having a laid-back chat to get to know each other better, and finishing off the evening together with dessert...

4 hours €800 (includes 2 hours of intimacy) - 6 hours €1,100 (includes 4 hours of intimacy)

A night together

Let's enjoy all that the night offers us, a good restaurant and the mutual understanding and desire which we'll feel in privacy. We'll make time stop and play at seducing each other, among kisses and caresses, letting ourselves go. Breakfast in bed with conversation and laughs? What do you ask for from the night? Tell me all.

10/12 hours €1,500 16/18 hours €1,800

A whole day together

Let's spend the day together with no obligations other than enjoying being with other. Wandering around a special place, visiting a museum, going to the cinema, breakfast together or some other different and adventurous plan as well as many moments of seduction and tenderness. A treat for those who, like me, know how to enjoy life's pleasures.

24 hours €2,200 

The perfect weekend

Let's escape from routine. We can spend a weekend in a house in the mountains, snuggled up in front of the fireplace, or we can run off to the beach, relaxing with the sun and the sea, or we can wander around the city streets, etc. I like dreaming and I'd like to dream together with you.

48 hours €3,500 - additional days €1,000/day

More information about trips

Within Spain the minimum time for a date is 6 hours, having lunch or dinner together (travelling expenses not included) and there is a travel supplement of €300 if it is long-distance. For international trips the minimum time for a date is 12 hours (travelling expenses not included) and there is a €300 travel supplement.  

I want our date to be unique and unforgettable for both of us. In order for that, I need to get ready for you and I ask you to reserve our date ahead of time


There is a 25% deposit which is to be paid when we arrange our date.


Cancellation policy

If the date is cancelled with at least a month's notice, 100% of the deposit will be refunded.

If the date is cancelled with at least 15 days' notice, 50% of the deposit will be refunded.

If the date is cancelled with less than 15 days' notice, the deposit will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Travel costs which may result from the purchase of flight tickets, train tickets, etc, cannot be



Let's talk?

Thanks! :*

It's only obligatory to fill in the name and email fields, but I would really appreciate it if you told me a little about what you're like, your interests / passions / hobbies, etc., and what you would like our date to be like. That way it will be easier to understand each other when I contact you.

I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible, but I hope you understand that I can't always keep an eye on my email.


Thank you so much for your understanding. Kisses.